Meet The Cast – Matt Mordak playing Judas

DSC_8259Matt Mordak is playing the character Judas. The whole idea of passion play intrigued Matthew right from the start and as someone who is new to acting he felt it would be a real challenge for him and add a diverse skills that would help him grow as an actor . Matt has been cast in musicals and independent films and feels this is a career he wishes to follow. Matthew has not been to drama school or attended any classes, but under the guidance of Anna and Jamie he has learnt so much and is very grateful to both of them for taking him under their wing. Matthew wants to portray Judas differently to the common perception; not as a two dimensional terrible man, but a confused and passionate man, that made a terrible mistake, a man that loved Jesus and his teachings but got lost along the way and was eventually consumed by greed and then later guilt. For Matthew the best bits of this production so far has been meeting people from all walks of life and backgrounds and forming a bond with the other cast members to the point where it has become a brotherhood. Matthew feels extremely lucky to have this opportunity and has said that he would like to thank his family, friends and most of all Daniella Faircloth for pushing him to audition for this part and supporting him through this entire journey.

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