Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I get involved?

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Where is this being performed?

In five locations across the village. We will start at The Ellendune centre at 10.30am and then move across the road to the Catholic Church – St Josephs. From there the performance will rejoin the main road and stop at Moat Walk. We then venture up the hill, stopping for a section outside The White Hart before continuing to the top church (St John The Baptist and St Helen).


What time is each bit happening?

The programme of events

10.30 am SCENE 1: Palm Sunday at The Ellendune Centre, SN4 9LW (location 1 on map)

11.05am SCENE 2: The Last Supper at St Joseph’s Church, SN4 0RZ (location 2 on map)

11.40am SCENE 3: The Garden of Gethsamane, Moat Walk SN4 9JW (location 3 on map)

12.05pm SCENE 4: The Trial, White Hart Public House, SN4 9JX (location 4 on map)

12.40pm SCENE 5: The Crucifixion, Wroughton Parish Church, SN4 9LS (location 5 on map)

NB some of the scenes have seating which you are welcome to use but scene 1, 3 and 4 do not. You are very welcome to stand anywhere for these scenes and our stewards or actors will move you if needed.

The audience will be led from scene to scene by actors and stewards. Please be aware of the highway code and respect the requests of stewards and police for your own safety.

What if it rains?

Being as we live in Great Britain the chance of rain is moderate to high! The performance will go ahead no matter what (bar extreme conditions). Please bring an umbrella, a rain coat and your good will!

What age is the show for?

This is a community project so we want everyone there! The final scene (the crucifixion) at the church may appear shocking for very young children (although it is sensitively portrayed) but will be suitable for children aged 12 or over (and younger with careful parental supervision and explanation).

On the day of the performance where can I park?

We encourage Wroughton residents to walk. We suggest that if you are planning on joining us the whole way that you park at The Ellendune Centre Car park (SN4 9LP). There is also some parking available at our final location, St John The Baptist and St Helen’s Church (SN4 9JS). As much as possible we are encouraging our audience to walk and join us for the whole journey. However you are welcome to leave us after the Ellendune and drive to the top church then should you have mobility issues for the rest of your journey. We do encourage anyone who this may refer too to leave at this point and re-join us for the finale as there is a moving road closure which may prevent you from joining us later if you do not leave then.

What shall I bring?

A camera (although we would encourage you not to take photos in the two churches), an umbrella (you won’t need it – POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE), a small fold away chair (if you feel you may need to sit and can carry it with you).

How accessible are the performance venues?

All venues are accessible to wheelchair users. .The journey between Scene 3-4 and 4-5 may create an issue for anyone with mobility issues (due to the hill’s increasing gradient). If you feel unable to walk this distance but would like to see the final scene we would suggest driving to final venue but would encourage that you leave after Scene 2 to ensure you can reach the car park at the church easily before the road closure. There will be some seating available at The Ellendune Centre and the two Churches have some seating.

Can I drive between the five performance venues?

I am afraid not. There is a moving road closure during this performance. If driving is essential you can drive to the final venue if you leave immediately after scene 2.

I am not a Christian – can I come?

Gatecrash is a non-religious based theatre company. We are producing this project as we know how significant this very story is to the culture and country we live in, as well as being a quite incredible tale! Therefore our performers and creative team are made up of a selection of people with varying beliefs. This is not a preaching exercise – this is an opportunity to share in  a large scale community event.

How long will the performance last?

We are aiming to keep the performance within two and a half hours including movement. Beginning at 10.30am and finishing by 1pm when you can join us for hot cross buns and tea and coffee at Legge House (just down the path from the church). Each of the five locations we will be at for only around 20 minutes. The rest of the time is for walking in between.

Who is making the costumes?

We are fortunate to have Jacobs Well on board. They are a fair trade enterprise based in India who are creating all of the costumes. We are paying them through the project funds and cast contributions.


Are there Toilets?

There are several toilets on the journey. Please see map at top of page for details.

What are the Emergency Procedures?

All inside venues have clearly labelled fire exits. In the event of a fire stewards will lead you to these.

What are you doing about lost children?

Please make yourself known to any steward if you require assistance.

What if I need First Aid?

St John’s Ambulance are in attendance and any steward can get you to them swiftly.


Can I get any refreshments?

Refreshments are being served after the performance at Legge House (on the site of the final scene). However, if you need a drink or snack in advance of this there are shops close to the location of scene 1 and between scene’s 3 and 4 (but be quick or you will miss out on the drama!). You are very welcome to bring refreshments with you.

How much does it cost?

The performance is free but we do need to raise some funds and you are very welcome to donate on the day or by clicking the link below.

How on earth are you paying for all this?

Gatecrash is donating some time and resource towards the project, we are receiving funding from Swindon Churches Together, The Bible Society (whose national headquarters are in the town), a further Christian Charity and crowd-funding (see below).

As this is free I would like to help by donating some money towards this… how can I?

Follow the link below to make a donation towards the project